Our Ultrasound Care Includes

  • Date the pregnancy (gestational age)
  • Confirm fetal viability
  • Determine location of fetus, intrauterine vs. ectopic
  • Check the location of the placenta in relation to the cervix
  • Check for the number of fetuses (multiple pregnancy)
  • Check for major physical abnormalities
  • Check for fetal movement and heartbeat
  • Determine the sex of the baby
  • Assess fetal growth (for evidence of intrauterine growth restriction [IUGR])

Sonohysterography is a technique developed to better image the uterine cavity. It uses an infusion of sterile saline through a soft plastic catheter placed in the cervix in conjunction with transvaginal ultrasound. The saline infusion distends the uterine cavity and provides an excellent contrast to the lining, giving improved visualization of uterine and endometrial pathology.

A nuchal scan is a sonographic prenatal screening scan (ultrasound) to help identify higher risks of Down syndrome in developing babies. The scan is carried out at 11-14 weeks pregnancy and assesses the amount of fluid behind the neck of the fetus - also known as ‘the nuchal translucency’. Babies at risk of Down tend to have a higher amount of fluid around the neck. The scan may also help confirm both the accuracy of the pregnancy dates and the fetal viability. Its high definition imaging may also detect other less common chromosomal abnormalities.

3D/4D Services

We recommend 28-32 weeks as the “ideal time” for a 3D/4D scan. Factors that may interfere with the quality of the images include amniotic fluid volume, fetal position, and maternal weight. If you are not completely satisfied with your session you may try again at a later date for a small sitting fee.

  • Gender Determination - $65
  • Sneak Peek (10 Minutes) - $75
  • Preview (15 Minutes) - $100

In Labor?

If you are in labor, please proceed to University of Maryland Shore Regional Health or call our office at 410-820-0038.